Clarus “Pixie ™”

Portable Wi-Fi In-Flight Entertainment System

The Clarus “Pixie ™” - Portable Wi-Fi Streaming Audio and Video On Demand solution, is a value packed, fully integrated, stand-alone Wi-Fi wireless In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system.

It is especially designed to significantly increase the value proposition of Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airlines serving regional, short-haul markets with smaller, single aisle aircraft.

The portable Pixie ™ systems are:

  • Ready to deploy - e.g. ideally placed in overhead luggage bins

    • No Aircraft Wiring or Structural Modifications
    • No Regulatory Certifications – No STC

  • No System Maintenance Required

Key System Features:

1. Content Hosting & Management System - “Symphony ™”

Wide selection of multi-media content: HD movies, music & games

System’s high capacity SATA III SSD storage enables the airline to offer a wide selection of multi-media content for streaming broadcast via Wi-Fi

  • 100s of HD movies
  • 1,000s of HD songs & music videos
  • Plus other: TV shows, Documentaries, Games, Blogs, eBooks & Magazines, Shopping etc.
  • Easy content update via Wi-Fi or easily replaceable high capacity (1TB) SSD
2. Custom "Electronic Bill Board" & eCommerce portal

Its’ fully customizable Captive Portal also serves as an electronic billboard, an advertising platform available to a wide range of destination businesses and merchants who may be interested in promoting their services and products to airline’s passengers. Custom configurable advertisement placement.

The system can also host shopping portal offering a wide selection of products and services.

This is a great source of additional, recurring ancillary revenue for the airline.

3. On board Flight Following (“Moving Map”) {option}

Passengers on board will be able to view their aircraft current position and have access to additional detailed information at selected Point Of Interest (POI) locations, while in flight on their own Wi-Fi enabled smart phones or tablets.

4. Secure Cabin Crew Interface

Cabin Crew control enables the crew to pause or stop the IFE system content broadcasts for “Flight Safety” presentations and to set the system to automatically broadcast “Fasten Seatbelts” notices and “Preparations for landing” announcements.

The Cabin Crew are also able to retrieve content and advertisement viewing analytics data and transit them to the designated airlines operations, marketing staff for generating business reports and analysis.

User content selections and advertisement viewing analytics reports may be downloaded at any periodic intervals– daily or weekly.

5. Easy Content & Advertisement Management

Airline assigned IFE administration staff can very easily update all multi-media content and/ or advertisements at the airlines operational center using the secure administration portal on a System Administration Station.

The updated content is loaded on to the external 1 TB SSDs for deployment to the PixieTM units on the aircraft.