AeroTxt App

On-Ground & In Flight mobile messaging worldwide!

Clarus AeroTxt is a FREE cross platform mobile messaging application available for all Google Android and Apple IOS smartphones and tablets. The application seamlessly integrates with the user's contact list on their smartphones.

The AeroTxt App enables users to exchange unlimited secure (end to end encrypted) text messages and to make VOIP voice calls to other AeroTxt users, when connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi LAN or their mobile carrier's data service, anywhere in the world! For FREE!!

Using the AeroTxt App, the users are able to communicate with their friends, family or business associates from any available Wi-Fi LAN connected to the Internet - using Hot Spots, at Internet Café’s, or hotels, enabling them to avoid the excessive mobile services International Roaming fees and additional (overage) data usage charges.

In addition, the AeroTxt App is specially designed not only to enable the users to keep in touch with their contacts while on the ground, but also while they are in flight on board an aircraft equipped with the Clarus SAP217-C system.

The AeroTxt user experience is seamless, whether using the application while on the ground or while in flight on board an aircraft.

Main features:
  • FREE Application!
  • Available for all Google Android and Apple IOS smartphones & tablets
  • FREE service over the Internet via either a Wi-Fi LAN or via mobile carrier’s data service
  • Unlimited secure (end to end encrypted) text messaging with other AeroTxt users (on ground and while in flight)**
  • Unlimited text messaging to any valid email address !
  • Unlimited VOIP voice calls with other AeroTxt users (while on ground)
  • Attachments – photos, video, documents and voice messages
  • Group Chats – Text Messaging
  • Seamless use on ground and on board aircraft in flight! **

On aircraft equipped with Clarus SAP217-C system
The Clarus SAP217-C system provides the on board Wi-Fi LAN (SSID) and also the required air to ground communication link via the aeronautical satellite network.